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Whirlwind Management is a sports management company founded on and committed to honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Unlike many sports management companies that put their finances before their clients’ needs, Whirlwind Management's priority is a genuine concern for the future of snooker and the welfare of our players. Our promise to each and every client is to do everything we possibly can to guarantee your success and this will always come before our own monetary gain. 

We are currently looking for bright, young talent to nurture and develop. Whirlwind Management is prepared to offer successful candidates a full management contract including financial support, coaching, practice sessions with pros including myself, health fitness and nutritional support, sports psychology, corporate sponsorship, administrative support (booking travel and accommodation), financial advice and a few special incredients which you will not find anywhere else!  

Living abroad? We’d also be happy to help with Visas, documentation, and other related matters.

If you believe that you have the talent along with the determination and courage to never give up no matter how hard things get, then you may well have the qualities of a champion and I would like to hear from you! Please contact us to arrange an evaluation with myself, Jimmy White at my snooker club in Surrey. This trial will last approximately 1 hour.  I am still competing at the top level and have regular media and business commitments so my time is extremely limited. To ensure that I only receive serious requests for evaluations, I charge a modest 800-pound fee to cover my time which will of course be refunded to you should we decide to move forward together. You are welcome to bring a family member along for support.