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Whirlwind Cue Case White + a FREE goodie bag

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An absolutely stunning range of carefully selected attractive one piece genuine PU leather cases. Your choice of a single or a combination of vibrant colours! Hand finished by skilled craftsmen using the latest modern techniques to produce a thin, versatile and practical compartment for your cue! Wonderful design allowing ample room for storage of other essential accessories.

  • A modern masterpiece created with practicality, durability and endurance in mind.  The case is crafted using fine PU leather and soft padded fabric to protect the integrity of the cue against any minor mishaps. It comes in a fabulous range of colours and suitable storage space for a ¾ jointed snooker cue together with extensions, chalk and other ancillaries. The PU leather is a refreshing alternative as it provides all the looks, feel, and texture at a more affordable price. The light-weight and long lasting materials used, combined with the skilled craftsmanship will ensure the prolonged life of the cue

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