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Whirlwind Professional 3/4 Cue + FREE CUE CASE + Goodie Bag !

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The Whirlwind Professional is a stunning cue with a precision engineered grain ash shaft spliced to a fine Ebony butt timber. A wonderfully silky smooth finish to enhance a firm grip without any stickiness! Traditionally made using specially selected timbers for power and performance, the Whirlwind Professional retains all of the characteristics of a stylish tournament cue! + FREE CUE CASE and Goodie Bag to celebrate the launch of the Whirlwind Brand ! Act fast! Offer subject to availability !

  • The Whirlwind Professional is a ¾ jointed cue made to a very high specification and designed to an exceptional standard. This stunning cue is on par to achieve all of the expectations akin to a professional level player. The weight (approx 17.5-18 oz), straightness, cue tip and length is based on the meticulous requirements of professional players. The appearance is further enhanced by the smooth combination of Ash shaft spliced to the glossy smooth Ebony butt.

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